The solutions for the reduction of fires and disaster risk


We provide the assurance of
the control of the fire protection
condition of the establishment:
  • we perform the functions of the authorised entity on the issues of fire protection;
  • we prepare and adjust the internal legal acts of the fire protection of the company;
  • we perform the briefing of the employees on the issues of the fire protection and monitor their order;
  • we organize the fire exercise and training for the employees, and present the proposals;
  • we monitor the condition of the fire fighting and signalling equipment, organize their maintenance and repairs;
  • we participate in the performance of the technical fire inspection of the object;
  • we prepare evacuation plans;
  • we perform the design works of the fire protection;
  • we consult on the issues of the fire protection and fire fighting in the cases of the insurance and other events.

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We perform the assurance of the readiness of the civil protection:
  • we perform the functions of the employee, who is responsible for the civil protection, in the entities and other establishments;
  • we prepare the safety reports of the hazardous objects, the plans for the accident prevention and internal accidents;
  • we prepare the plans of the measures for the extreme situation management and prevention;
  • we organise the training and exercise of the solutions, information, reaction and response to the possible threats;
  • we perform the training and conduct the exercise at the entities and other organisations;
  • we prepare the risk assessment and analysis of the possible dangers, threats and extreme situations.

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