About us

about us
Duty. Responsibility. Spirit of community.
We are a non-profit organisation that offers for the business, society and state institutions the professional solutions for the reduction of the risks of the emergency situations.
Our mission – to offer the effective systems for the management of the organisations and planning processes that would reduce the effect of risks and disasters on the organisations and people and also would allow to recover the incurred losses more rapidly and more efficiently.


Our social activity – to promote and propagate an active voluntary activity, by creating formations of the volunteer firefighters, who work on the voluntary grounds, and formations of the civil defence.
The experts of the PI “Savanorių ugniagesių ambasada” have the long-standing experience of the operative management during the fire fighting, liquidating the events of various nature, extreme events and extreme situations, have the expert experience of participation in the activity of the European Union civil protection mechanism, when developing and assessing the plans of the extreme situation management and their prevention measures, conducting the training of the civil protection and organizing the drills in the entities and other establishments.